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Welcome to the website of St. Gregorios Orthodox Church of Kansas City!

We are a parish of the Diocese of South-West America of the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church, which was founded in the first century A.D. by St. Thomas, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, who evangelized in India, where he was later martyred.

We worship the Holy Trinity according to the Holy Scriptures and the unchanging Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Join us as we seek to live steadfastly in the Apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, the prayers, and in the breaking of bread (Acts 2:42). The Faith is not a system of beliefs and intellectual knowledge, but rather a way of life, in particular a life of worship, and we welcome you to worship with us!

Celebrated according to the Syriac Orthodox rite, the Divine Liturgy is celebrated in three languages, primarily English, Malayalam (native language of the Malankara Church in India), and Syriac (a form of Aramaic, the language which Jesus Christ spoke). Our parish priest, Fr. Zachariah, invites everyone to take advantage of many opportunities to learn more about the ancient, original and unchanging Orthodox Christian faith, delivered by Jesus Christ to His Apostles and kept from the first century until today.

Please click on the weekly announcements tab on our website to learn about service times and feel free to contact us. We humbly ask that you remember our growing parish community in your prayers. Thank you for being with us, and may God bless you and remember you in His Kingdom!